#IBelong Inclusiveness Meet up

14 april 2021

Please join us for the online #Ibelong Multiplier event: ”Building Belonging During Lockdown, Learning: a Whole Team Approach”

Belonging underpins student success.  The #Ibelong project sought to develop an evidence-informed suite of activities to improve the belonging and success of students from a migrant background (including, but not limited to first generation entrants and ethnic minorities) in their HE programmes.

Students’ sense of belonging is nurtured through their course of study, and is developed, in part, through interactions with peers and staff.  It is strongly connected to physical space: the place where learning occurs.  Nurturing belonging is challenging when learning is shifted fully or partially online, and it requires the engagement of the full team.

The #Ibelong programme developed a suite of interventions that operate at course level, engaging first year students, course mentors and the staff team to improve belonging and success.  Activities included dialogue about diversity, belonging and success; staff engagement with and reflection on diversity, and changes to practice; and course-based mentors building a community.

Lockdown learning meant activities had to be adapted and delivered online.

This one-day online event will:

  • Share details of the interventions developed and how they were adapted to online and blended delivery.
  • Examine the importance of working as a course team: students, mentors, programme leaders, teaching staff and managers.
  • Identify the critical success factors that contributed to a sense of belonging online.
  • Provide experience of some of the activities that were adapted and delivered online.

For more information on the Program check out; https://ibelong.eu/news-events/uk-meetup/