Our team

Meet the powerhouse behind ECHO. We are committed to driving social impact and fostering inclusivity every step of the way. 

Our team is passionate about steering ECHO towards new heights in diversity and inclusion advocacy by:
🔸bringing innovative ideas to life and crafting social change that challenges the status quo.
🔸 continuously seeking new insights and socially conscious ways to shape our strategies and ensure equitable practices.
🔸connecting individuals and organizations, fostering meaningful partnerships, and nurturing a supportive local and global network.
🔸 leading our trainings, programs, and workshops by empowering others with the tools to foster inclusive environments.
🔸 creating opportunities and spaces to celebrate and amplify our community’s voices.
🔸 challenging barriers of exclusion and empowering marginalized communities.

Together (using our unique experiences, knowledges, perspectives, skills, and expertise) we work tirelessly to create a world where everyone’s voice is heard, respected, and valued. We are united by a shared vision of building a more inclusive society where everyone can feel they belong. 

We are excited to engage with you! Share with us and stay tuned for exciting updates, inspiring stories, and collaborative initiatives as we continue our journey to make a lasting impact.












Mary Tupan-Wenno


Pravini Baboeram-Mahes

Senior programmamanager

Josefien van Marlen


Laura Quintero-Soekarnsingh

Communicaties manager

Glenpherd Martinus


Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen


Annejet Lont​


Niek Putman


Karthika Cobben


Vicky Pinheiro Keulers