Internationale projecten

ECHO is via verschillende internationale projecten (EU en non-EU) betrokken bij de wereldwijde kennisuitwisseling op het gebied van diversiteit en inclusie.


BSWE FOR2030 (Bologna with Stakeholders Eyes For a Stronger Future of the Bologna Process) is an Erasmus+ project led by ESU from August 2022 until August 2024.

The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the Bologna Process are a voluntary process building an area with the use of common tools shaped as higher education reforms in order to foster mobility and employability. The European Students’ Union has been reviewing the implementation of the Bologna Process since 2003 with the Bologna with Student Eyes (BSWE) publication in order to bring students’ voice to the Ministerial tables.

e-Inclusion - 2022

The e-Inclusion brings together a consortium of four universities and two policy-focused organisations with leading expertise in both  inclusion policy and digital learning to:

  • Outline a holistic vision of educational inclusion that encompasses inclusion within educational institutions, students’ social environments as well as within the digital spaces they frequent;
  • Support educators in implementing inclusive models of digital education in blended and hybrid environments
  • Assure that the accelerated transition to digital education prompted by the COVID-19 crisis does not exclude vulnerable groups from participation in HE or exacerbate existing inequalities
  • Examine and multiply opportunities for technology to decouple social and economic status and thus help boost the attainment of groups placed at a structural disadvantage by our current systems

Afgeronde projecten

#IBelong - 2018

Het Europese project #IBelong is uitgevoerd op initiatief van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in samenwerking met de Universiteit van Porto in Portugal, Universiteit van Osnabrück in Duitsland en Edge Hill University in Engeland en KIC Malta. Dit project richt zich op het genereren van resultaten vanuit onderzoek en ontwikkelde interventies met als doel het vergroten van de ‘sense of belonging’ van studenten en docenten in het hoger onderwijs. De drie interventies zijn zogenaamde Dialogue Days, Team-Teacher Reflections en Student engagement via mentoring. Deze interventies richten zich op het versterken van het thuisgevoel onder eerstejaars studenten zodat zij, ongeacht hun achtergrond, samen met docenten en studiegenoten, de gewenste binding en verbondenheid voelen met de leergemeenschap. De verwachting is dat dit een positieve invloed zal hebben op hun persoonlijke groei en ervaringen in het hoger onderwijs en uiteindelijk bijdraagt aan de persoonlijke groei van studenten en het bevorderen van het student succes.

Multinclude - 2017

Multinclude is conceived to elicit, promote and disseminate good practices promoting inclusive participation in education developed in Europe. The aim is to identify ideas and proven practices that have the potential to be implemented with small investment and can be disseminated, replicated and scaled up. Proven practices that truly respond to the needs and identities of a diverse educational community. the project is looking for alternatives for the large-scale public investments, revisiting and trying to find ways to improve through new policies that are a better respond on the growing needs of current societies. The project intends to operationalise the lessons learned by incorporating them into the inclusion strategies of schools, as well as through teaching and learning training by teachers around Europe to better work with communities on inclusion issues.