Boston Consulting Group (BCG) latest partner of the ECHO Award

11 mei 2021

We are happy to announce BCG as our newest partner of the ECHO Award 2021! Their business expertise and drive for societal change are a great fit with the core value of the ECHO Award: unlocking human potential and celebrating excellence.

To welcome BCG we have proposed Claire Rosenmöller a number of questions on the importance of collaborating with ECHO and providing opportunities in society.

Claire Rosenmöller- Senior Recruiter, Experienced Hires & Diversity & Inclusion

Claire, could you elaborate on why diversity & inclusion is of importance for BCG Netherlands?

At BCG, we strive for a diverse workplace. We strongly stand behind all forms of diversity (e.g., gender, ethnic and cultural, social-economic, study background, sexual-orientation). Though, as we recognize the significant value that diversity and Inclusion can unlock—for individuals, organizations, and societies—we also recognize the need to do better. We are committed to play an active role in creating a support base for all talent by making an environment where all individuals have an opportunity to flourish and succeed.

What is BCG’s aim for the coming year in relation to diversity & inclusion?

We aim to create greater awareness, foster an inclusive environment and drive cultural change within BCG. 

As the current talent pool is not representative for the student population of the Dutch market, we aim to recruit passionate, open-minded people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, abilities, and experience. We are actively trying to connect and engage with this talent through several initiatives; e.g. Grow Mentor Program for females, BCG for You Mentor Program for students from underrepresented ethnic or cultural backgrounds, Pride community events, Campus events throughout the Netherlands etc.  Partnering with companies as ECHO helps us with these goals, but also supports us in implementing proven diversity strategies and diversity & inclusion best practices.

What do you aspire in the partnership with ECHO?

A partnership with ECHO enables us to learn and contribute to the dialogue regarding diversity and inclusion. Our goal with a partnership with ECHO is two-fold; It helps us to come in contact with a multicultural student population and support them in their personal and professional development. On the other hand, we learn how to create greater awareness and receive support in our journey towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

What makes supporting the ECHO Award so special?

We acknowledge ECHO’s initiative to price excellent students who stand out because of their personality, skills and social involvement in, amongst other things, challenges related to diversity and inclusion. We agree that the ECHO Award enables equal opportunities for students and contributes to a dialogue that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. Therefore we are very honored to be part of the ECHO Award this year.

What is the resemblance between the personal value and motivation of the ECHO Ambassadors and the values of BCG?

Just like the ECHO Ambassadors, we at BCG are explorers. We are bold and unafraid to deep dive into unknown territories to discover new ideas. We go beyond straightforward ideas to find solutions and put them into meaningful action.

Finally, what would you say makes working at BCG unique?

BCG invests in its employees, providing personal and professional growth and development throughout your career. You will never stop learning and expanding your skillsets. The work that we do demands practical intelligence and logic, but it also requires understanding and compassion. We bring the best of both.

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