ECHO Foundation, Center for Diversity Policy

Read on this page more about The ECHO Foundation. ECHO is affiliated to ANBI.

ECHO Foundation

The ECHO Foundation, Center for Diversity Policy is a social organization with an ANBI status. ECHO was founded in 1994 by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the umbrella organizations for higher education UNL and VH. Until 2003, ECHO was a fully subsidized foundation. Since 2003, ECHO has been an independent non-profit organization.


ECHO aims to promote an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of origin and identity, can get the best out of themselves. ECHO focuses specifically on increasing cultural diversity in education and on the labor market from an intersectional perspective.

The board of the ECHO Foundation

  • Naima Azough, Chairman
  • Els van Doorn, Treasurer
  • Huug de Deugd, General Board member
  • Nitesh Bharosa, General Board Member
  • Vinod Subramaniam, General Board Member

Board positions at ECHO are unpaid positions.

Mary Tupan-Wenno has been appointed as director


ECHO’s team is relatively small. The team consists of employees who have a permanent or temporary contract, as well as a number of employees who are attached to the organization on the basis of a zero-hour contract. ECHO also works on a regular basis with trainees, ECHO Ambassadors and other volunteers involved in the activities of the foundation.

For the employment conditions of employees, in particular the salary levels, the ECHO Foundation follows the Cao for higher vocational education.

Naima Azough


Els van Doorn


Nitesh Bharosa

general board memeber

Vinod Subramaniam

general board memeber

Huug de Deugd

general board memeber

Our records:

Chamber of Commerce number: 41187030

VAT number: 8040.99.546.B01



Visiting address: Zuid-Hollandlaan 7, 2596 AL The Hague


The 2022 annual report and policy plan can be downloaded here, as well as the ANBI form of ECHO Foundation, Center for Diversity Policy:

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the ECHO Foundation at: