ECHO Mentoring program

What does it involve?
The ECHO Mentoring Program pairs upcoming and starting professionals as mentee with experienced professionals as mentor. The aim of this program is twofold:


To give you the opportunity to learn from the mentor: your mentor is an experienced professional who can think with you about specific questions you might be looking for support with. For example: how can I present myself well in the job market? How can I stay true to myself in a professional context? How can I build my network in the sector relevant to me? In employment or entrepreneurship, what suits me? You can discuss these questions and many more with your mentor.


Enabling the mentor to learn from you: you also have a perspective from your lived experience that your mentor can learn from. After all, this program is run within the framework of Diversity & Inclusion. Experiences that may be normal or natural for you may be enriching or insightful for a mentor. This mentoring program is therefore an opportunity for participating mentors to develop their knowledge, insight, and skill on Diversity & Inclusion, and you, by simply sharing your questions and perspectives, can contribute to that!

Both the reugliere mentoring programme and in-house programmes have started. Application for next year will be possible from the end of 2023.

Regular ECHO Mentoring program
ECHO In-house Mentoring program