ECHO Award

General information

Every year ECHO, Center for Diversity Policy, invites colleges and universities to nominate socially active students who make a difference in the field of Diversity & Inclusion for the ECHO Award 2024. The ECHO Award calls attention to the specific experiences that students with a non-Western background* carry with them and the way they manage to turn these experiences into a constructive contribution to society.

Students who are eligible for an ECHO Award are students with a non-western background who are actively engaged in society and stand out because of innovation in thinking and acting, organizational ability, social impact and their role as ‘critical friend’.
Winners are selected by an independent jury and may attend a full-service Summercourse at UCLA in the United States in 2025.

*ECHO is aware of the changing context regarding the term ‘non-western’. Click here for additional information on ECHO’s definition of non-western.


ECHO Award 2023

Read more about last year’s ECHO Award nominees, finalists and presentation here.

ECHO Award juryleden

The Award winners will be picked by an independent jury headed by Kathleen Ferrier, Chairman of the UNESCO Commission. The independent jury consists of partners from Loyens & Loeff, Boston Consulting Group, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and Dutch Railways.

Kathleen Ferrier

Chairperson of the UNESCO Commission

Els van Doorn

Boardmember ECHO/Chair CvB Eduvier Onderwijsgroep

Ehsan Shirzadi

Attorney at Law and Partner at Loyens & Loeff

Amina Saydali

Head of special education supervision at the Education Inspectorate

Aico Troeman

Managing Director & Partner at Boston Consulting Group

Mascha van der Heijden

Director of Learning, Recruitment, Mobility & Leadership at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Enko Dijkstra

ECHO Ambassadeur en Business Analist bij ABN Amro