About us

Tailor-made consultancy

ECHO advises higher education institutions, organizations and companies about their diversity policy. ECHO offers tailor-made advisory programs in the areas of vision development, policy development and/or implementation. In advisory processes, ECHO sees ‘The pedagogy of excellence’ as the starting point for change. The Pedadagogy of Excellence is a philosophy in which the strength of the individual is assumed and the goal is to excel rather than adapt. Everyone has the opportunity to excel if the right guidance and support is offered. In addition, the experience and background of people is taken into account as much as possible. This successful concept has been developed and implemented at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

An intake interview precedes each advisory trajectory to map out your questions. On this basis a proposal will be discussed with you. In the quotation that follows, the agreements made are concretized.


In addition to advice, ECHO has also developed specific products that have translated ECHO’s philosophy into concrete programs, activities and concepts. Examples include the ECHO Mentor program, the ECHO Award and the ECHO Junior Academy.