What we do

Using cultural diversity as a starting point for facilitating uncomfortable conversations about racism and discrimination, supporting a process from awareness to actionability in policy and practice. We do this from an intersectional approach, meaning we connect different dimensions of diversity to the issue of cultural diversity.

What can you use us for?

    • Trainings and workshops: are you looking for trainers who can create a safe environment to discuss uncomfortable topics such as racism and discrimination? Or do you want trainers who can take people through an awareness process about what Diversity & Inclusion really means? We have a pool of experienced trainers who can facilitate this process with interactive formats.
    • Consulting: do you need a critical lens on issues or plans? We are happy to think along  from our experience and knowledge of Diversity & Inclusion. In our role as advisors, we especially share points of interest, considerations, and possible tensions that are important to consider in the context at hand.
    • Curriculum development and reform: is there a desire to make a curriculum more inclusive? ECHO can support in a process of curriculum reform, involving both policy and practice-based thinking. Support can take the form of both advice and workshops to design the curriculum.
    • HR issues: is diversity a concern in recruitment and selection, but are you still searching for what this means for HR in practice? ECHO offers advice and workshops to scrutinize HR procedures and policies from a D&I lens. This focuses on recognizing possible exclusion and proactively responding to diversity.
    • Customization: are you looking for customization? ECHO is happy to discuss how we can best fit your context, questions, and needs.
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