Wrap up of the ECHO community meet ups of 2019!

17 January 2020

Looking back at the ECHO Community meet ups of 2019!

Last year ECHO has been involved in the MURAL program (Mutual Understanding, Respect and Learning) a European project led by the British Council. Various institutions including ECHO have been selected from countries such as Germany, Greece, Portugal, Poland and the UK for the MURAL program on the basis of expertise and motivation to encourage tolerance and counter attitudes that contribute towards acts of hatred and discrimination. MURAL is co-founded by the European Commission under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme.

Over the course of 2019 several Community meet- ups have been organized in light of the MURAL program. During these meet- ups ECHO developed various workshops and trained students, young and senior professionals in accordance with the Active Citizen Model by the British Council. What is part of my hidden and visible identity? How can I contribute to the promotion of tolerance within my own community? To which community do I belong? Active Citizens aims to increase the contribution of those who already play a role in their communities through civic engagement with community-based organizations and projects. Using grass root initiatives as an example and setting new collaborations with students, policy makers and professionals from the labour market contributed not only to increased knowledge sharing, but also opened a vital European network of social activists for the future.

Over 80 Active Citizens from the Netherlands participated in the MURAL program and developed an individual idea to put to action within their own communities. The Social Action Plan that was developed provides guidance for the various initiatives that have been taken place within different institutional settings including: higher education, committees, and private and non- private organizations.

Are you also curious about the ECHO- community meet ups and the impact that has been created?

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