Loyens & Loeff

3 September 2018

Loyens & Loeff is a partner of ECHO since 2018 and will host the ECHO Award 2019 where they will also issue the Loyens & Loeff Legal and Tax Award. Loyens & Loeff has created this new Award together with ECHO to celebrate and support diversity and inclusion, and to show that it is one of the most important themes within its organization. By setting up this Award, Loyens & Loeff wants to encourage conversation about diversity and inclusion within its own organization, its own sector and the world outside the legal services. By showing and celebrating the successes of young people with a non-Western background and at the same time acknowledging that these successes come with challenges and obstacles, Loyens & Loeff hopes to show their own colleagues, competitors and the outside world that it is more than it is worthwhile to start with diversity & inclusion. Finally, with the extra award, Loyens & Loeff wants to give an incentive to make their own workforce more diverse and to signal that Loyens & Loeff, as an employer, embraces this diversity and is a great added value in serving their clients on their clients. journey.