Final Conference Students-4-Students

10 May 2022

In recent years, ECHO, expertise centre for diversity policy, has coordinated the national Students-4-Students (S4S) campaign on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science. This campaign started in 2017 with the aim of inspiring and supporting higher education institutions, in co-creation with students, to develop innovative programs that contribute to equal opportunities for all current and future students at higher education institutions. In 2018 and in 2019, these programmes, 27 initiatives in total, were launched in various places in the Netherlands, including 16 institutional projects and 11 student projects (projects developed and implemented for and by students). The project leaders of these different projects have put innovation into practice during these years, in order to increase the study success of each student. This has been a period with many challenges and instructive moments, but above all a period that has been characterized by meaningful successes.

Now, five years later, it’s time to look back on the experiences, benefits and lessons learned from the Students-4-Students campaign – and of course we don’t do this alone! In this way we would like to invite you to the final conference of the Students-4-Students campaign on Wednesday 15 June 2022.  During this conference, we will delve deeper into how the active and structural involvement of students can be of added value for solving issues at institutions aimed at inclusion, combating exclusion and increasing social safety. This is also in the context of specific attention to issues such as discrimination, racism, social safety and social isolation as a result of social movements such as Black Lives Matter, MeToo and the Covid-19 pandemic.

This meeting will take place at:

  • Date: Wednesday 15 June 2022
  • Time: 12:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Glazen Zaal
  • Address details: Prinsessegracht 26, The Hague.
  • Registration: via online registration form.

The extensive program can be found at the end of this invitation. You are welcome to invite colleagues or other people from your network!

12:00 – 13:00 Walk-in and lunch

  • Poster presentations of various S4S projects

13:00 – 13:10 Opening S4S Final Conference

13:10 – 13:35 Screening S4S film

13:35 – 14:00 Panel discussion

‘Looking back: lessons and insights after 4 years of Students-4-Students’

  • Lamyae Razza, initiator and project leader of S4S student initiative Students Community Arnhem
  • Rashiv Pom, project leader of S4S student initiative DiversEUR
  • Nadia Murady, project leader of S4S student initiative Diversity Talks

14:00 – 14:05 Music

  • Imane Wijsman, initiator and former project leader S4S student initiative DiversEUR

14:00 – 14:15 Break

14:15 – 15:15 Workshop round S4S projects

15:15 – 15:30 Break

15:30 – 16:30 Workshop round S4S projects

16:30 – 16:35 Music

  • Imane Wijsman, former project leader DiversEUR

16:35 – 17:00 Panel discussion

‘Looking ahead: challenges and opportunities for the future’

  • Alfred R. Herrera, MPA, Assistant Dean for Academic Partnerships UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships
  • Santiago Bernal, Assistant Director UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships
  • Mary Tupan-Wenno, Director ECHO, Expertise Centre for Diversity Policy

17:00 – 17:05 Closing with photo opportunity

17:05 – 18:00 Reception

Haven’t signed up yet, but do you want to be there? Then fill in this registration form! Until June 15th!