ECHO Course Inclusive Excellence

In the fall of 2023, ECHO, Diversity Policy Expertise Center will again organize the Inclusive Excellence Learning Course. The course will take place
October 11, 2023 – January 24, 2024. Participants can register for the program now.

About the program
Diversity and inclusion can no longer be ignored in the field of education. But what does it really mean, both in theory and in practice? And how can education and policy professionals proactively respond to challenges and issues and move with the changing social context when it comes to this theme?

During the Inclusive Excellence course, these questions are central and participants are taken through a development process in which knowledge, experiences, but above all practical tools are offered to create an inclusive learning environment in their own context.

Diversity and inclusion in daily practice means customization. Every context is different and so solutions to D&I-related issues may differ from one situation to another. ECHO offers frameworks, research, practical experience, peer review and interactive working methods to enable participants to decide for themselves which solutions and interventions fit their context. In this way, we work to strengthen capacity to act and constructive strategies to address and resolve uncomfortable issues.

This course is an important addition to the ‘basic qualifications in education’ (BKO), and guides education and policy professionals in a process of awareness and reflection in order to be even better able to respond to the reality of working with a diverse student population.

Participation in the course costs €1,975, excluding 21% VAT.

You can register via this link:

The course is based on the following pillars:

    • Knowledge: from basic concepts such as “diversity” and “inclusion” to more in-depth frameworks such as “racism” and “intersectionality,” the learning course explores these concepts in theory, policy and practice.
      Skills: in the learning curve, participants will learn to facilitate ‘uncomfortable conversations’ themselves with a variety of working methods focused on critical self-reflection, constructive dialogue and strategic movement in power structures.
      Action: the course provides insight and input for formulating your own action plan, which will be developed in intervision with ECHO and the other participants during the course. 

For more information about the learning course, please contact the learning course facilitator:
Pravini Baboeram at or 06-23079310.