Webinar on Inclusive education

12 May 2019

ECHO, Center for Diversity Policy is part of an EU funded Erasmus+ project Multinclude. Collectively, with 6 partners in Europe the Multinclude project aims to identify and analyze inclusive pathways to success in education and build a community of committed professionals. Currently, the project has gathered 70 inclusive good practices in different education sectors. The consortium is holding a series of webinars to share what Multinclude entails, to highlight cases of best practice and engage with professionals.

We kindly invite you to participate in the webinar on the 24th of May at 20:00 (GMT+1). ECHO will host and facilitate a webinar with the theme: from theory to practice – inclusive education and curriculum development. During the webinar, we will have two speakers, prof. Dr. Frank Tuitt and Dr. Saran Stewart that have developed inclusive education strategies in higher education. Their scholarly work serves as an inspiration and a foundation for the theoretical framework and analysis of Multinclude.

For more information and registration, please use the following link. Joining the webinar is free of cost.

Inclusive education is paramount for the academic development of students in secondary and higher education. At the core, curricula and institutional policy should be developed from an inclusive perspective. The question that is central to this discussion is: why is that important? But also, how do we make education more inclusive and to what extent does curriculum development correspond to inclusive education? This webinar will discuss theoretical frameworks of inclusion in Higher Education from key experts in this field of work. Both Dr. Frank Tuitt and Dr. Saran Stewart have developed and implemented theoretical frameworks of inclusion in practice at their respective institutions and will elaborate on good practices and examples to illustrate how professionals can develop inclusive education strategies – from theory to practice.