Meet the ECHO Award Finaslists of 2021

20 September 2021

Last week the ECHO Award jury had the opportunity to meet and decide on the ECHO Award finalists of 2021. It was up to the jury to make a selection of finalists out of 42(!) nominated candidates in the categories ECHO Award HBO, ECHO Award WO, Loyens & Loeff Tax and Law Award and Beta Technology Award.

The finalists will have the opportunity to present themselves to the jury on Monday, October 25. On the 7th of December the winners will be announced during the ECHO Award ceremony.

For an overview of the nominated ECHO Ambassadors of this year, click here.



Finalists ECHO STEM Award

Bakul Patil – University of Twente
Julia van Oosten – University of Amsterdam
Rosie Zheng – University of Amsterdam

Finalists ECHO Award hbo

Elijah Alvares – Amsterdam University of applied sciences
Nour Sadat – Amsterdam University of applied sciences
Maxence Vrede – The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Loyens & Loeff Law & Tax Award

Assamaual Saidi Rabah – University of Amsterdam


Mohammed Badran – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Audrey Achieng – University of Groningen
Amira al Rawi – Erasmus University of Rotterdam
Rana Deniz Kuseyri – Leiden University
Rusen Koç – Leiden University
Yasmina – Erasmus University Rotterdam