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18 February 2022

New start date for the MBO mentor program of the municipality of Amsterdam announced!

Are you about to graduate or have you recently graduated and are you motivated to explore and expand your opportunities in the labor market? Do you want to develop yourself professionally and at the same time understand what the work of a professional at Google looks like? Then make sure to sign up for the inhouse mentoring program in collaboration with Google.

The ECHO Mentor Program offers you the unique opportunity in the coming year to be matched one-on-one with a professional within Google. Perhaps you are curious to learn more about the corporate or tech industry or you want to learn how to translate your experience into the required competencies in a vacancy of interest? Maybe your dream job is within reach, but you would like to know how you can distinguish yourself best in the application process?

10 professionals from Google are available as personal mentors to support you as a student with all your questions and ambitions towards the labor market. At the same time, the growing attention and commitment to diversity and inclusion also offers the opportunity to spar in an equal manner with your mentor about themes that are important to you. Within the program you will therefore be able to share your experiences and vision on the labor market and to contribute to increasing an inclusive work environment.

Want to participate?

The ECHO mentoring program is intended for students with a ‘non-western’ migration background* in the final phase of their studies (higher professional education or university) and who immediately after graduation look for a job in the business or public sector. You can also participate if you have just graduated (maximum 6 months) and have no job yet.

This mentoring program is designed for students who:

  • Are in their graduation phase or have just graduated and are searching for the next step in the labor market;
  • Are part of an underrepresented group, with a specific focus on Dutch students with a ‘non-western’ migration background or refugee students;
  • Are available in the period March 2022-June 2022.

*ECHO is aware of the changing context with regard to the term non-western, (click here for the definition ECHO uses for non-western). Are you unsure whether you meet the selection criteria? Feel free to contact

Goal of the program

The goal is twofold: the mentors hope to help you in an informal way with your orientation on the labor market and landing a job or internship. On the other hand, we also expect that they can learn a lot from you. The companies involved are committed in their own way to promote diversity and inclusion, based on the idea that diverse teams are more innovative. That is why it is important that professionals continue to develop in managing diversity and recognizing opportunities to increase access to the organization. We hope with this initiative to gain mutual knowledge and inspiration, to take you on the theme of diversity and inclusion and to help you in your search for your first job.

Set-up of the program

During the Mentor Program you will be linked to a mentor, an (international) Professional from Google. With your mentor you discuss topics that concern you, for example your ambitions and doubts about the transition to the labor market. It is your learning moment, so you decide the central theme. This does require some preparation on your part, because we expect that you also want to get the most out of the program. The mentors are all motivated and eager to cooperate with you. In the registration form you will be given the opportunity to indicate your preference for one or more organization(s). Matching based on a comparable study background or professional discipline is also taken into consideration as much as possible.

Adjustments program under Covid-19 measures

The Mentor Program runs from March 2022 to June 2022. This year, the plenary program will largely take place online, in line with the applicable safety standards from the government and participating organizations. You are of course free to have the monthly mentor meetings take place physically in consultation with your mentor, provided your personal safety can be guaranteed.

Plenary Program

During the program there will be four (online) meetings:

Introductory meeting mentees Friday February 25th   Introductory meeting mentees This will be held online via Zoom, in which we want to meet you.
Kick- off meeting mentees en mentors 3rd of March 3:00 – 5:00   Kick-off meeting of two hours During the Kick-off meeting we meet with all participating mentors and mentees. We will tell you more about the mentoring program and take you through how diversity and inclusion can be shaped in a professional context. Afterwards there is still room to get to know your mentor more closely and the first appointments will be scheduled.
Intervision meeting mentees and mentors April 12th   Intervision of 1.5-hour During the intervision meeting, you and your mentor and fellow mentors and mentees from the relevant organization will be present to discuss the progress of the mentoring program. * Final classification depends on the final link with your mentor and the associated organization.
Final meeting mentees and mentors June 23rd 2022   Closing meeting of 1.5-hour including mentors and mentees The mentor program is concluded with your mentor and fellow participants within the specific organization to which you are linked. During the session we discuss the insights gained and we share our best learning moments.
One-on-One meetings between mentor and mentee In between the online plenary meetings, we ask you to schedule at least 1 individual appointment per month with your mentor. During these conversations, you’re learning objectives are central. The responsibility for this lies primarily with you as a mentee, whereby the mentor mainly offers support and guidance.

Interested to sign up?

ECHO has been asked to coordinate this programme. If you want to participate in this mentoring program and are available in the period March 2022-June 2022, please register before Friday February 25th 2022, via the application form. For information, please contact: The number of places is limited so act quickly.