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In 2017, the Students-4-Students (S4S) Campaign was launched with the aim of inspiring and supporting colleges and universities in developing, implementing and disseminating innovative programs that contribute to making higher education more inclusive where all students can develop and excel optimally. 

The S4S campaign focuses on ‘support’ by students, for students. In many ways, students are experts for institutions and act as role models for fellow students. Their involvement as para-professionals help to shape and implement more inclusive education. The students involved are ambassadors for the S4S programs that develop new competencies and bring different perspectives to improve issues. 

The community of S4S project leaders of educational institutions and students are an important aspect and means for the success of this program. The overall goal of S4S is to enhance knowledge sharing, development and community building. Project leaders learn from each other’s successes and challenges. ECHO has a coordinating, advisory and supporting role in the campaign and offers various activities to support educational institutions and students in developing and implementing projects that are both innovative and inspiring. 

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ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda?

Meet ECHO Ambassadors, a community of (upcoming) young professionals and organizers who want to contribute to a more just and inclusive society. A community that has been shaped through the work and philosophy of ECHO, Expertise Center for Diversity Policy, and has felt encouraged by the social debate to put social justice issues on the agenda. In this podcast series ECHO Ambassadors discuss issues they feel are important to discuss in the current social debate. Tapping into their own lived experiences and community work, ECHO Ambassadors offer a fresh perspective on mainstream narratives.

Want to know more? Check out the ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda?

Students-4-students Podcast serie

The Students-4-Students Campaign was coordinated by ECHO on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science between 2018-2022. The S4S campaign challenges both students and professionals in higher education to develop sustainable and innovative initiatives that contribute to creating inclusive education and equal opportunities for all students.

In each episode, participants within the campaign talk more about their specific approach, perceived challenges and opportunities to promote inclusion within the institution. Participants of the S4S campaign consist of students, lecturers, policymakers and D&I professionals who seek collaboration within diverse initiated initiatives.

Mentoring Program Podcast

During the search for a job in the Dutch labor market, there is often a need to spar with an experienced professional about opportunities and challenges in the labor market. The ECHO Mentor Program supports aspiring and starting professionals as mentees by pairing them with experienced professionals as mentors while focusing on promoting diversity and inclusion in the labor market. Over the years, many mentors and mentees have participated in this mentoring program. In this podcast series, ECHO talks with mentees and mentors, among others, who share their stories, experiences and reflections.