ECHO Community Webinar on #blacklivesmatter

13 August 2020

When: 27th of August 2020 Where: Zoom (online) To register online click here #blacklivesmatter: from international solidarity to local impact The social movement against racism and for an inclusive society has made significant progress in recent months. Frequent and massive protests, whether in higher education institutions, corporate companies or on the streets, #blacklivesmatter is on the agenda worldwide. A driving force in this movement is the young generation. For them diversity is not a wish for them but a reality. Moreover, that generation is connected on a global level. The digital age with the power of social media has led to international solidarity. Institutional racism is a global problem after all. However, the local context may differ and with it the strategies for solution. What do these different contexts look like? And what can we learn from the experiences and approaches from those different perspectives? These questions will be discussed in the ECHO community webinar: #blacklivesmatter: from international solidarity to local impact. With contributions from:
  • Sandew Hira, coordinator of the Decolonial International Network
  • Mouin Rabbani, co-editor of Jadaliyya and contributing editor to Middle East Report
  • Chihiro Geuzebroek, filmmaker and climate justice activist
  • Afua Acheampong , former Vice President Education at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (UK)
Please find the recording of the ECHO webinar here: