ECHO Award 2023

This year, ECHO, Expertise Center for Diversity Policy, is inviting higher education institutions to nominate socially engaged students with a non-Western background for the ECHO Award 2023. Read more about the nomination procedure, agenda and criteria on this page. Please note that the deadline for nominating candidates is June 2, 2023.

Calendar ECHO Award 2023

March 20th, 2023: Call open for submissions
June 2nd, 2023: Call closed for submission
August 26th, 2023: ECHO Ambassador Academy
September 25th, 2023: First Jury meeting
October 23rd, 2023: Jury interviews
December 7th, 2023: ECHO Award ceremony (may be subject to change)


Students who qualify for an ECHO Award are successful students with a non-Western background* who distinguish themselves for their entrepreneurial attitude, organizational skills, active social involvement and constructive approach to challenges related to exclusion. The winners will be rewarded with a fully catered Summer Course at UCLA in the United States in 2024. They will be chosen by an independent jury chaired by Ms Kathleen Ferrier, chair of the Dutch Unesco Commission.

*ECHO is aware of the changing context regarding the term ‘non-western’. Click here for additional information on ECHO’s definition of non-western.

Nominee submission

To nominate a candidate for the ECHO Award 2023, you must have the following information ready:

If you have trouble downloading the documents, please contact Pravini Baboeram ( to receive the documents by email.

The application form and required documents need to be emailed to


Deadline for nomination June 2nd 2023

Please note that the internal deadline may differ per educational institution. If you have any questions about this, please contact the internal coordinator of the educational institution or ECHO.


*Further explanation by letter of recommendation from the institution / faculty / degree program, signed by a member of the Executive Board / the Executive Board. In the nomination letter, the institution / faculty / degree program presents the nominated student to the jury with a motivation for nomination. The letter must include a signature from a member of the Board of Governors / the Executive Board.