ECHO Award 2022

Call for nominations ECHO Award 2022

It is our pleasure to invite research universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands to nominate students for the ECHO Award 2022, a prize for excellent talent with a non-Western background in higher education. From today onward, you can nominate students for the categories ECHO Award HBO, ECHO Award WO, Tax and Law Award and STEM Award.

About the ECHO Award

Students who are eligible for an ECHO Award are successful students with a non-Western background who stand out because of their entrepreneurial spirit, organizational skills, active social involvement and constructive approach to challenges related to exclusion. Click here for more information about the criteria.

The winners of the ECHO Award 2022 will be rewarded with a 6-week Summer Course at UCLA in the United States in 2023. They will be selected by an independent jury chaired by Mrs. Kathleen Ferrier, chair of the Dutch Unesco Commission.

Support nomination procedure

This year ECHO offers extra support to institutions to find inspiring and talented students for the ECHO Award, based on the ECHO community, which consists of active students and (young) professionals who are active in various student networks. ECHO encourages members of the ECHO community to recommend students who meet the criteria of the ECHO Award. If there are students among these recommendations who are studying at your institution, ECHO will contact you to bring these talents to your attention for a possible nomination. Ultimately, institutions determine which candidates they actually nominate.

Follow-up after nomination: ECHO Ambassadors Academy

After nomination, students automatically join the ECHO Ambassadors community, a network of socially involved students and (young) professionals who have been nominated over the years. With the 20th anniversary, ECHO is also introducing the ECHO Ambassadors Academy, a leadership program that will take place in august (date to be announced). After the nomination, students receive a formal invitation to participate in this program.

During the ECHO Ambassadors Academy, the brand new ECHO Ambassadors are introduced to the theory and practice of diversity and inclusion. In addition to getting familiar with frameworks and concepts to discuss the topic, the participants will engage in practical workshops in which they explore their role as ECHO ambassadors. In addition to developing understanding and skills, more information is also provided about the selection process and what they can expect from the follow-up process.

The ECHO Ambassadors Academy prepares students for opportunities that ECHO offers in activities aimed at strengthening diversity and inclusion in education and the labor market.

Winners announced: ECHO Award 2022

The date of the ECHO Award is expected to set medio december

More information

Click here more information on the criteria for nomination.

Click here for more information on the nomination procedure.

Click here for frequently asked questions.

For other questions or information, please contact Pravini Baboeram: .

Photo: ECHO Award 2021 (Ebru Aydin)