ECHO Award 2019

Every year ECHO, Expertise Center for Diversity Policy, celebrates the success of the multicultural society in the Netherlands with the ECHO Award. The ECHO Award provides a platform for outstanding students with non-Western backgrounds who move as world citizens in different contexts with a social mission to contribute to equal opportunities for all. The winners will be awarded a Summercourse at UCLA, the University of California, Los Angeles in the United States.

About the ECHO Award

Students who are eligible for the ECHO Award are successful students with a non-Western background who distinguish themselves because of their outstanding student performance, outside of the box thinking, bridge building skills, active social engagement and leadership skills. The purpose of the ECHO Award is to generate positive attention for individual successes of students within our multicultural society.

ECHO Ambassador Network

All students who are nominated will join the ECHO Ambassadors network, a network of students and (young) professionals with different backgrounds and experiences, but a shared vision for society and leadership qualities. This network currently consists of almost 450 ECHO Ambassadors who:

  • Are connected with interesting organizations and companies through projects such as the ECHO Mentor Program.
  • Contribute to ECHO Activities, such as the ECHO Masterclass on Inclusive Excellence and ECHO Conferences, as panel members or workshop facilitators.
  • Get the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with other ECHO Ambassadors.

In the application process the candidates  will be asked how they think they can contribute to the social mission of the ECHO Foundation. The candidates will be given a brief case assignment that requires them to elaborate on their ideas regarding this question.

ECHO Award 2019

The ECHO Award 2019 consists of three awards:

  • One ECHO Award hbo for a student at a university of applied sciences.
  • One ECHO Award wo for a student at a research university.
  • One STEM Award for a student at a research university or university of applied sciences in the STEM fields.
  • One Loyens & Loeff Law & Tax Award for a student at a research university.

The winners are selected by an independent panel of judges chaired by Ms Andrée van Es, chairman of the UNESCO commission.

More information

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