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ECHO Mentoring Program Podcast

ECHO Mentoring Program Podcast Series

During the search for a job in the Dutch labor market, there is often a need to spar with an experienced professional about opportunities and challenges in the labor market. The ECHO Mentor Program supports aspiring and starting professionals as mentees by pairing them with experienced professionals as mentors while focusing on promoting diversity and inclusion in the labor market. Over the years, many mentors and mentees have participated in this mentoring program. In this podcast series, ECHO talks with mentees and mentors, among others, who share their stories, experiences and reflections.

ECHO Mentoring Program Podcast - Episode 1

Nicky Werumeus Buning and Laura Quintero-Soekarnsingh

In this episode of the Mentoring Program Podcast, Imane Chentouf (ECHO) talks to NS mentor Nicky Werumeus Buning and mentee Laura Quintero-Soekarnsingh, about their experiences with the 2021-2022 mentoring program. Nicky and Laura share meaningful insights into how they connected as mentor and mentee. We welcome you to listen to how Nicky and Laura supported each other and organically built a friendship during the mentoring program.

ECHO Mentoring Program Podcast - Episode 2

Joy Lodarmasse and Sanam Azizi

In this podcast episode, Imane Chentouf (ECHO) talks to Joy Lodarmasse and Sanam Azizi, both working within Alliander on the D&I mission of the organization. Because it turns out that not only the technology behind the energy transition is one of the major challenges of our time, but also with whom this will be realized. How do you ensure that you keep an eye on talent and how does the ECHO mentor program contribute to this? What do participating mentors learn from the discussions with their mentees and what is the added value for Alliander’s D&I mission? Joy and Sanam look back on participation in recent years and tell you more about it!


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