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ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda?

Meet ECHO Ambassadors, a community of (upcoming) young professionals and organizers who want to contribute to a more just and inclusive society. A community that has been shaped through the work and philosophy of ECHO, Expertise Center for Diversity Policy, and has felt encouraged by the social debate to put social justice issues on the agenda. In this podcast series ECHO Ambassadors discuss issues they feel are important to discuss in the current social debate. Tapping into their own lived experiences and community work, ECHO Ambassadors offer a fresh perspective on mainstream narratives.

Want to know more? Check out the ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda?  

ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda? – Episode 1: Justice for Yezidis

Wahhab Hassoo

Wahhab Hassoo puts justice for Yezidis on the agenda. What is the injustice they face now and have faced for centuries? What does this mean for healing and reparation? And what can people do now to support the Yezidi community in their emancipation and liberation struggle? These are questions that Wahhab explores from his own lived experience and community work in conversation with ECHO.  

ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda? – Episode 2: Mental health & Non-western perspectives in law

Tais A. Ruiz Palacios and Sjoerd Scott

Sjoerd Scott puts mental health on the agenda. Speaking from his experience as an international student coming from the Global South, finding his way in a new context in the Global North and the impact of it all on mental well-being. In addition, Tais Alejandra Ruiz Palacios puts non-western perspectives in law on the agenda. What can western frameworks learn from non-western frameworks and why is it so difficult to find resources that can educate people on these non-western ways of engaging. Both Sjoerd and Tais explore these questions in conversation with each other and ECHO.   

ECHO Ambassador Podcast: What’s on the agenda? – Episode 3: Inclusive education

Andormeda Anyan and Rida Hamdi

Andromeda Anyan and Rida Hamdi put inclusive education on the agenda. What is currently lacking in education and what are effective interventions to make education and the educational system more inclusive? Andromeda and Rida tap into their own lived experiences moving through the Dutch educational system to explore effective interventions. From policy angles to practical ideas to educational reform, check out fresh perspectives on inclusive education in this ECHO Ambassador Podcast. Note: this episode is in Dutch.  


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