Recommend someone

 Do you know someone who inspires you and who is eligible for the ECHO Award? Make a recommendation now and contribute to celebrating excellent talent with a non-Western background in higher education!

This year, ECHO aims to provide additional support to higher education institutions to find inspiring and talented students for the ECHO Award. To this end, ECHO calls on fellow students to recommend potential candidates. Following up on the recommendations, ECHO will notify the institutions at which the students in question study. Ultimately, institutions determine themselves which candidates they actually nominate.

Recommend someone for the ECHO Award!

Students eligible for an ECHO Award are successful students with a non-Western background who stand out because of their entrepreneurial spirit, organizational ability, active social involvement and constructive approach to challenges related to exclusion. Do you know someone who meets these criteria, inspires you and others and deserves more visibility? Recommend someone now!

Click here for more information on the criteria.

How can you make a recommendation?

You can recommend someone by filling out this recommendation form. Please prepare the following information to make your recommendation:

  • What is the name of the student?
  • What is the email address of the student? (Only provide this information with the permission of the student in question)
  • What does the student study and at which institution?
  • How do you know the student?
  • Why do you want to recommend this student for the ECHO Award?
  • How do you think this student meets the criteria?
    • The student is entrepreneurial: takes initiative, knows how to recognize and seize opportunities;
    • The student has organizational skills: can translate vision into practice, knows how to engage and mobilize people;
    • The student has contributed to social innovation: has created an impact on diversity and inclusion, shows vision about the future of the multicultural society;
    • The student is a critical friend: knows how to offer constructive criticism on issues related to exclusion and is willing to contribute to constructive solutions.

Addition to the above criteria for the STEM Award for students at a university of applied sciences or research university:

  • The student has a clear vision for innovation in science / technology in a changing social context.

Addition to the above criteria for the Law & Tax Award for students at a research university:

  • The student has a clear vision for diversity and inclusion within business (legal) services in a changing social context.

Click here for the recommendation form.

For questions about the registration procedure, please contact Pravini Baboeram: