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Finalists ECHO Award 2022

In September, the ECHO Award jury had the opportunity to meet and decide which of the nominees would move forward as finalists for the ECHO Award 2022. It was up to the jury to make a selection of 15 finalists out of 35 nominated candidates in the categories ECHO Award HBO, ECHO Award WO, Law & Tax Award and STEM Award.

On Thursday, October 27th, the finalists had the opportunity to present themselves to the jury one last time before the award ceremony.  The winners will be announced on December 6th 2022 during the ECHO Award ceremony in Amsterdam.

​​ ECHO Award 2022 Program

19:30    Opening

19:35    Word of welcome – Loyens & Loeff

19:40    The journey of an ECHO Ambassador – Khaled Tamimy

19:50    D&I in a changing society – Minister of Education, Culture and Science

20:00    Intermezzo – Amira al Rawi

20:05    About the jury trial – jury president Kathleen Ferrier

20:10    STEM Award

20:20    Law & Tax Award

20:35    Intermezzo – Amira al Rawi

20:40    ECHO Award HBO

21:05    ECHO Award WO

21:25    Closing

STEM Award Finalists

Ramla Jamac

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Khalid El Haji

TU Delft​

Law & Tax Award Finalists

Akhilesh Bansidhar​

Universiteit van Amsterdam​

Parwana Rezai​

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam​

Yasmine Bouzoraa​

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen​

ECHO Award HBO Finalists

Amna Chedhli​


Naznin Musa​

Hogeschool van Amsterdan​

Niusha Froozesh​

Hogeschool Utrecht​

Sjoerd Scott​

De Haagse Hogeschool​

Meryem Findik​

De Haagse Hogeschool​

ECHO Award WO Finalists

Hind Almushattat​

Universiteit van Amsterdam​

Mohamed Rida Hamdi​

Universiteit van Amsterdam​

Wahhab Hassoo​

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam​

Dina Bousbaa​

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam​

Talisha Schilder​

Universiteit Leiden​


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