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The ECHO Mentoring Program of 2022- 2023 is starting soon, register now!

Are you (almost) graduated and looking for a job? Do you need to soundboard with an experienced professional about opportunities and challenges on the labor market?
ECHO’s mentoring program is open to support you with professionals from different organizations. Want to know more? Read further!

The program
The ECHO Mentoring Program links upcoming and starting professionals as mentees to experienced professionals as mentors. The aim of this program is twofold:

  1. Giving you the opportunity to learn from your mentor: your mentor is an experienced professional who can think along with you about specific questions that you may have. For example: how can I profile myself on the labor market? How can I stay true to myself in a professional context? How can I build my network in the sector that is relevant to me? What suits me more? Paid employment or entrepreneurship? You can discuss these questions and much more with your mentor.
  2. Your mentor can also learn from you: you also have a perspective from your lived experience that your mentor can learn from, because this program is carried out in the context of Diversity & Inclusion. Experiences that may be normal or self-evident to you can be enriching or insightful for a mentor. This mentoring program is therefore an opportunity for the participating mentors to develop their knowledge, insight and skills in the field of Diversity & Inclusion. You can contribute to that by simply sharing your questions and perspectives!
    Mentors participating in the program work, amongst others, at Google, Achmea, the Ministry of Education, Culture &science, Alliander, RGF Staffing and the Dutch Railways.

The program is designed for students who:
– Are in their graduation phase or have just graduated and are orienting themselves on the labor market;
– Are part of an underrepresented group, with a specific focus on Dutch students with a ‘non-western’ background;
– Are available in the period December 2022-June 2023.

Are you exploring the labor market but unsure if you can participate in the program (because, e.g., you graduated a while ago or are considering new career moves)? Contact us to explore the possibilities about your participation in the program.

*ECHO is aware of the changing context regarding the term non-Western, (click here for ECHO’s definition for non-Western). Do you doubt whether you meet the selection criteria? Please feel free to contact us via


In the period December 2022 – June 2023 on average 15 hours, excluding preparation and travel time.

Information sessions (2 hours): Online via Zoom

  • October, 5th
  • October, 19th
  • November, 2nd

Sign-up for an information session via this application form.

Plenary Program

During the program there will be four meetings:

 Introductory meeting- mentees October/ November 2022 Introductory meeting (1.5 hour): Online via Zoom We will be meeting online via zoom to get to know you and your peers for the mentoring program.
 Kick- off meeting- mentees and mentors December 2022 3:00 – Kick-off meeting (2 hours): physical location During the Kick-off meeting we meet with all participating mentors and mentees. We will tell you more about the mentoring program and take you through how diversity and inclusion can be shaped in a professional context. Afterwards there is still room to get to know your mentor more closely and the first appointments will be scheduled.
 Intervision meeting- mentees and mentors February 2023 Intervision meeting (1.5 hour): physical location During the intervision meeting, you and your mentor and fellow mentors and mentees from the relevant organization will be present to discuss the progress of the mentoring program. * Final classification depends on the final link with your mentor and the associated organization.
Closing meeting- mentees and mentors June 2023 Closing meeting (2 hours): physical location The mentor program is concluded with your mentor and fellow participants within the specific organization to which you are linked. During the session we discuss the insights gained and we share our best learning moments. * Final classification depends on the final link with your mentor and the associated organization.
 One-on-One meetings between mentor and mentee In between the online plenary meetings, we ask you to schedule at least 1 individual appointment per month with your mentor. During these conversations, your learning objectives are central. The responsibility for this lies primarily with you as a mentee, whereby the mentor mainly offers support and guidance.


ECHO has been asked to coordinate this program. If you want to participate in this mentoring program and are available in the period November 2022-June 2023, please register via the application form. For information, please contact Ruşen Koç or Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen, contact persons from ECHO: and The number of places is limited so act quickly. Priority will be given to students who are graduating in the year of 2022-2023 or have just graduated but have not yet found a job.


Expertise Center Diversity Policy


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