ECHO Ambassadeurs

The ECHO Award has been presented annually since 2001. A prize for excellent talent with a non-Western background in higher education. These talented students distinguish themselves because of their special academic achievements and social commitment within Dutch society. Over the years, the nominated candidates, finalists and eventual winners of the ECHO Award have developed from young to senior professionals within various disciplines of the professional field. What they have in common is that they know how to jointly represent the ideas of the ECHO Foundation. The network now consists of more than 400 ECHO Ambassadors and offers a variety of knowledge, experience and vision. Bringing together this human, intellectual, social and cultural capital in the ECHO Ambassador Network enables them to join forces to jointly carry out social activities for the benefit of education and the connection to the labor market.

Would you like to know which activities, talents and skills have led to nominations in recent years and what the ECHO Ambassador Network looks like? Be inspired by the examples below!

Senior professionals within the ECHO Ambassador Network

Finalists ECHO Award 2019 and young professionals within the ECHO Ambassador network

Click here for a complete overview of the finalists of the ECHO Award 2019. The latest ECHO Ambassadors have managed to successfully combine the completion of their studies in addition to their active social involvement.

They are uniquely able to stimulate and inspire young people in the educational process to excel in all aspects that are important for the further development of their study and work career.