Content criteria:

  • The student is boundary breaking: enterprising, intrinsically motivated, resilient and utilizes all of his or her talent;
  • The student has shown organizational and managerial talent;
  • The student has made a social contribution in favor of the multicultural society that has created impact;
  • The student is a bridge builder.

Additional criteria for the Bèta Techniek Award for a student at a university of applied sciences or research university:

  • The student aspires to make a substantial contribution to the knowledge economy with the experience gained during his or her studies.

Additional criteria for the Loyens & Loeff Law & Tax Award for a student at a research university:

  • The student has a vision for lowering thresholds for multicultural talent within the business (legal) services.
  • The student has affinity with the business (legal) services.

Practical criteria:

  • The student is part of an underrepresented group, with a specific focus on Dutch students with a non-Western background or refugee students; international students who meet these criteria are only eligible if they plan to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time.
  • The student has shown excellent study performance (guideline: an average of 7.5 or higher);
  • The student has an excellent command of the English language;
  • The student is available to give a presentation to the jury of the ECHO Award if he / she is nominated;
  • The student is available to attend the ECHO Award ceremony in 2019.


  • An institution may nominate a maximum of 3 students per Award;
  • Each application must contain the following documentation:
    •  A fully completed registration form for the ECHO Award 2019;
    • A nomination letter with motivation by the institution/department;
    • A signature of a member of the Executive Board/Board of Directors;
    • A personal motivation from the nominated candidate;
    • A fulfilled case assignment by the nominated candidate;
    • A curriculum vitae of the candidate;
    • A grade list of the candidate with mention of the average of the candidate.