Breakout sessions

Session A: Improving Teaching, Learning and Student Success

In this session Paul Thayer will share more in depth information on some of the initiatives that are instrumental to the study success of students at Colorado State University. (Session language: English)


Session B: Students-4-Students

In these sessions Hester Brauer and Nienke Fabries will separately share their experiences with student for student activities in the respective programs they coordinate. In these programmes students play an important role in supporting and aspiring other students.

  • Nienke Fabries, Programme manager of Mentoren op Zuid, of the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam.
  • Hester Brauer, Researcher and faculty member at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Hester is one of the initiators of the programme Powerhouse.


Session C: Inclusive Pedagogy

In these sessions Inti Soeterik en Halil Karaaslan will separately present the work they do to enhance and strengthen faculty in their role as educators and their aim to acknowledge the diversity of perspectives in the classroom and to create a more inclusive learning environment.

  • Inti Soeterik, Faculty member at the College of Child Development and Education of the University of Amsterdam.
  • Halil Karaaslan, faculty member at the Lentis Education Group in Rotterdam, Faculty member at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam and columnist.


Session D: Supporting students in their transition to the labour market

In this session Pravini Baboeram en Christoph Meng will separately focus on the challenges students face in their transition to the labour market. How can institutions play a role in preparing and empowering students for a successful transition? What are current experiences of students at the labour market? (Session language: English)

  • Pravini Baboeram, ECHO Center for Diversity Policy, will present the digital mentoring platform Meet Your Mentor which is developed by ECHO and the VU university, commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education Culture and Science.
  • Christoph Meng, Project manager at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) will present the findings of the report ‘Schoolverlaters tussen Onderwijs en Arbeidsmarkt 2015’.


 Session E: Pathways to success

In this session Stephan van der Voort of the programme Toptraject Twente will present two initiatives of this pathway programme in vocational education and training (VET) in Twente. This initiative is aimed at creating successful pathways from pre-secondary vocational education and secondary vocational education to the university of applied sciences and to enhance effective transitions between these education sectors. (Session language: Dutch)

  • Stephan van der Voort, Programmamanager Toptraject. Toptraject vmbo-mbo-hbo is a cooperation in the region Twente of vmbo-schools, the ROC of Twente en University of Applied Science Saxion.


Session F: Students and inclusive education

This session represents student voices and will focus on how students support the institutional process to achieve a more inclusive learning environment. How can students lobby for change, address discrimination and exclusionary practices? Also, how can they work towards creating new commonalities overarching existing differences? (Session language: English)

  • Amsterdam United, a Superdiverse student platform of the University of Amsterdam.
  • Un/Divided, a coalition of university students representing Leiden University, University Utrecht, VU University Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University, Technical University Delft, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the University of Color Group.