Submission nomination applicationsApril 26th until July 9th, 2021Higher education institutions nominate candidates.
ECHO Ambassador AcademyAugust 27th until August 28th, 2021Leadership program for the nominated candidates.
First jury deliberationSeptember 15th, 2021Jury deliberation to select the finalists.
Finalists announcedSeptember 16th, 2021All candidates will be informed by telephone of the results of the selection of the finalists.
Second jury deliberation: presentations finalistsOctober 25th, 2021The finalists are invited to present themselves to the judges.
ECHO Award 2021 ceremonyDecember 7th, 2021 (subject to change)The winners of the ECHO Award will be announced.
UCLA Summercourse 2022June/August 2022 (subject to change)Winners participate in the UCLA Summercourse in the summer of 2022.