Seminar Towards a more Equitable Higher Educational System 2019!



You are cordially invited to the Seminar: Equal Opportunities for a more Inclusive Higher Educational System/ Towards a More Equitable Higher Educational System on the 27th of November at the University, location: Marinus Ruppertgebouw, Utrecht Science Park.

In 2016 ECHO, Centre for Diversity Policy and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science have started with an annual seminar that is dedicated to the theme: Equal opportunities within the Dutch Higher Educational System. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 these seminars have been organized in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam and University for applied Sciences Inholland.


The fourth edition of the Seminar: Opportunities for a more Inclusive Higher Educational will be held in collaboration with the Centre for Academic Teaching and the Taskforce Diversity and Inclusion of Utrecht University.

Utrecht University. As has been done in previous years, this seminar will focus on new knowledges, visions and concrete practices to inspire and support participants in their dedication to a more inclusive educational climate. What can we learn from each other’s weaknesses and strengths in specific (inter-)national contexts?


Minister of Education, Culture and Science: Ingrid van Engelshoven has been asked to to reflect on the forthcoming publication of the strategic agenda regarding higher education with a specific focus on the impact of important trends, such as digitalization, demographic developments and the opportunities for a more inclusive higher education.


Diversity and Data

There is mounting attention to practices of diversity and inclusion within higher education in The Netherlands, hence the increasing need for structural and specific data regarding the development and impact of diversity and inclusion policies and practices. This need goes hand in hand with some challenges, but ultimately offers opportunities to provide insight in relation to questions of diversifying higher education. Acquiring this data is of utmost importance in shifting attention from diversity practices alone, to establishing a more inclusive professional and educational environments. The disparity between study success of students with and without a non-western migration background, for example, requires more insightful data and more innovative practices in order to be tackled. But new questions also pop up, such as the need to increase more PhD-candidates with a non-western migration background.


This seminar marks evidence-based practices with regards to diversity and inclusion. You will be invited to learn about existing and new initiatives. An example of this is the network “Data and Diversity” that was established last year, in which six universities collaborated to generate qualitative and quantitative data with reference to diversity. The data included developments as well as experiences of students and employees and contributed to new knowledge on diversity and inclusion.

Learning from (inter)national Experiences

In custom with previous years, this year also puts focus on becoming acquainted with concrete, yet inspirational approaches. What is needed to accomplish a more inclusive higher educational system in which the ambitions of higher education, students, teachers are still met?

Keynote David Rivera – The Impact of Micro-Aggressions within Education Settings

David P. Rivera, Ph.D., is an associate professor of counselor education at Queens College- City University New York (CUNY). Dr. Rivera’s research focuses on cultural competency development and issues impacting the marginalization and wellbeing of people of color and oppressed sexual orientation and gender identity groups, with a focus on microaggressions. His practical work includes consultations and trainings on a variety of cultural competency issues.

Presentations and workshops are geared towards initiatives in the higher education There are two sessions which each consist of five parallel presentations about:

  • Inclusive higher educational organizations
  • Experiences with reference to projects of the Student-4-Students Campaign
  • Study success and inclusivity of diverse groups
  • Diversity and Data
  • Pathways to success

For the organizers of the seminar, the success of the seminar would be marked by reaching to concrete insights and agreements by professionals, students and other participants from higher education with reference to solutions in relation a more inclusive higher education.

We hope to welcome you at the Seminar: Equal Opportunities for a more Inclusive Higher Education. 

Date:               27 november 2019

Time:               10.00 – 18.00 (Entrance opens at 9.30 and reception from 17.00)

Location:        Marinus Ruppertgebouw, Leuvenlaan 21, Utrecht Science Park


There are no costs affiliated with attending the seminar. You can register by sending an email to: info@echo-net.nl.