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Seminar Inclusive Higher Education

Seminar Opportunities for a more Inclusive Higher Education 2017

July 6th 2017 at CREA, University of Amsterdam



Moderator: Gyzlene Kramer-Zeroual

9:00           Walk in

9.40           Welcome with an interactive exercise

10.00         Opening speech by Geert ten Dam
‘Pathways to making excellence inclusive’
Geert ten Dam, Chair of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam, shares her vision on diversity at the University of Amsterdam.

10.10       Panel discussion with students and Jet Bussemaker
‘How can higher education institutions be an inclusive and stimulating learning environment for all students? And how can students support each other?’
Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education Culture and Science, in conversation with students.

Student panel members:

  • Wessel Broekhuis, University of Amsterdam
  • Anna Luiken, VU University Amsterdam
  • Fady Mikhail, The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Sequioa Thompson, University of California Los Angeles
  • Samira ShadidAmsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Launch of the Students-4-Students Campaign by Minister Bussemaker

10.45         Break

11.15         Keynote speech by Paul Thayer
‘Improving Teaching, Learning and Student Success. From the drawing table to the classroom’
Paul Thayer, Special Assistant to the Provost of Colorado State University, is an international expert on retention and inclusion. Thayer has over 20 years of experience in bringing strategic institutional goals on the improvement of study success of all students into practice. This has significantly impacted teaching, learning and study success results in his institution.

11.55       Musical intermezzo by Ruji

12.00       Good practice with Sameha Bouhalhoul
‘Peer to Peer activities at the department of Cultural and Social Education of the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam’
Sameha Bouhalhoul, Lecturer Cultural and Social Education at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam.

12:15       Lunch

Breakout sessions: sharing and learning from best practices.

  • Session A: Improving Teaching, Learning and Student Success – With Paul Thayer.
  • Session B: Students-4-Students – With Nienke Fabries and Hester Brauer with Daniёl Rambaran and Ruben Boers.
  • Session C:  Inclusive Pedagogy – With Inti Soeterik and Halil Karaaslan.
  • Session D: Supporting students in their transition to the labour market – With Pravini Baboeram en Christoph Meng.
  • Session E: Pathways to success – With Stephan van der Voort.
  • Session F: Students and inclusive education With Tugba Öztemir, Araba Acquaisie, Louise Aradhana Autar and Daphnia Joy.

Click here for the full description of the breakout sessions.

13:00         Breakout sessions round 1

14:00         Breakout sessions round 2

15:00        Break

15:30         Audience poll: harvesting the outcomes of the breakout sessions

15:45         Panel discussion

‘What are the dilemmas that institutions encounter in the process of developing a more inclusive learning environment? What challenges do they pose to management, faculty and students? How can different perspectives be embraced in the learning processes within higher education institutions?’

Moderator Naomi van Stapele, ECHO

Panel members

  • Aminata Cairo, Lector Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Francio Guadeloupe, President of the University of St. Maarten and staff member of the University of Amsterdam
  • Halil Karaaslan, Social Science Teacher at Lentiz LIFE College and founder Kennis Industrie
  • Tariq Sewbaransingh, President of The Dutch Student Union
  • Daisy Boogaard, Programme Manager Diversity and Inclusion Erasmus University Rotterdam

16:30         Good practice with Iris Bos
‘Erasmus University College Junior’

Iris Bos is program coordinator at Erasmus University College in Rotterdam

16.45         Musical intermezzo by Ruji

16.50         Closing remarks by Geert ten Dam

17:00        Informal reception